NEW! #IHateCancer Summer T!

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So... I was in the hallway at the Country Music Seminar in Nashville trying to explain why we were releasing 52 singles in one year when Alicia handed me her headset and said "You've got to hear this. It's from Jim Martin."

For the record... Jim also co-wrote "Wherever she is... I hope she stays there" on The Odyssey.

I put the headset on, pressed play and stood there against the wall for three minutes.

It was only 30 seconds in before the tears started streaming down my face.

In this world where disagreement on issues seems to be our main for of expression... I think there is one thing on which we can all agree...

We ALL hate Cancer.

Join the movement with the #, the song and the shirt. This one is a real conversation starter. If you haven't seen this video yet... you better sit down:

Come on... Make a statement we can all agree on this summer!

These amazing shirts are available in 2 different ways...
As the shirt all by themselves...
And the shirt Personalized with whoever's name you want on them. (But please don't ask me to write "To my cousin Vinny who made me laugh and laugh at summer camp, Yee Haa John Schneider or anything like that. I am only in the store for a short time every week and it's just not possible! Thanks for understanding).

Supplies and sizes are limited so if you really want one... hurry!


Shirts are all pink intentionally. Men and women sizes are the same. Make adjustments to your order as necessary.