NEW! "Can I Buy You a Beer" Official "Patriot" Summer T

  • $40.00

This song and video has taken the world by storm and  I promise this shirt will too. 

Okay... I was in the hotel bar in DC this last weekend wearing this shirt when a fella strolled up and said "No... but I'll buy you one." I couldn't quite place the accent. Australia? New Zealand?

Next thing I knew we were dropping some concoction in a shot glass into the beer stein and drinking it down as fast as we could. I'm guessing Australia.

That's when I saw the prosthetic leg.

"Thanks for your service" I said.

"You're welcome, mate" says he. Then "Thanks for your shirt."

There's no better was to start a conversation with or about the people who have put their lives, limbs and safety on the line to ensure our comfort and safety both at home and abroad than by wearing this shirt.

These amazing shirts are available in 2 different ways...
As the shirt all by themselves...
And the shirt Personalized with whoever's name you want on them. (But please don't ask me to write "To my cousin Vinny who made me laugh and laugh at summer camp, Yee Haa John Schneider or anything like that. I am only in the store for a short time every week and it's just not possible! Thanks for understanding).

Supplies and sizes are limited so if you really want one... hurry!