Merry Christmas Baby CD

  • $20.00

From classic country songs to sultry blues, a Christmas album like no other.

I've honestly, never been more excited about the release of an album in my entire life! The songs on this Christmas album pushed me so far outside of my comfort zone, that I became a different person. I have always loved BB King and Louis Armstrong, but I never actually thought I would be covering any of their material, especially for Christmas! This music has opened a whole new world for me and I believe it will for you too.
Revisiting "Katie's Christmas Card" and "Its Christmas" from my "White Christmas" album was a sheer delight, along with tremendous new Christmas material all destined to become standards.

I am positive this will soon become one of your favorite Christmas albums, just as it is mine and Alicia's,

so MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!

Please note: This is just the CD or Autographed. It does NOT personalized.

1. Soldier's King 
2. Evening  Christmas Sky
3. Katy's Christmas Card
4. It's Christmas
5. The Spirit of Christmas
6. What a Wonderful World 
7. Zat You Santa Claus
8. Holly Jolly Christmas
9. Back Door Santa
10. Merry Christmas Baby
11. Who Da Baby Daddy?
12. Auld Lang Syne