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John Schneider’s Anderson Bench - The screenplay

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First... business:

When you purchase this item you will get the entire screenplay, with a dandy cover page, autograpyed to whomever you wish. All of the screen direction, director suggestions, scene numbers... the whole works.

You are, after all, the customer... and the customer is ALWAYS right.

As far as I know, jo one has ever offered this journey into the guts of a movie before. Screenplays are aeldom read by anyone but tjose who work on the movies themselvea.

But I think you can handle it.


I like to read.

I like to write.

I like to tell stories... make movies.

So many people who have seen the movie, “Anderson Bench” have expressed an interest in reading the words this remarkable,albeit odd, movie came from. 

They wonder about how it came about and where it came from.

Interestingly enough... this one came from mostly from personal  experience. 

Yeah... sadly.


Here’s a secret:

Often time the printed word is actually more colorful, visual and expressive than the pictures that follow. 

You be the judge. 

You’ve seen the movie... now read the screenplay. 

Or perhaps you haven’t seen the movie yet.

In that case... read the screenplay first and then take the cinematic plunge!

In any event... if you are at all intereated in finding out what really makes me tick... what keeps me up at night or wakes me up early in the morning to find myself laughing, cringing and (sometimes) panting at my laptop... this is your personal room key to  the far receases of my mind. 

Scared? Nervous? Intrigued?

I sure as hell hope so!

Enjoy - If you dare,

John “Anderson” Schneider