Bo's General Lee license plate! WHAT?!

  • $25.00

This is so cool!

I'm sure you remember my General Lee? The one wil 725 bhp that I raced and used in Collier & Co. and did all those magazine covers with...

This METAL EMBOSSED PLATE was made especially to commemorate that amazing MOPAR!

Wish I still had it. But now YOU can have this license plate to help remember the most famous of the most famous car in the world. "Bo's General Lee!"

It comes either just the plate or personalized.  (That is a little xtra and you need to specify the name you want me to put on it or I will sign it to whoever is on the shipping address.

NOTE: Please see the variant at the bottom of the page for your personalized plate. If you don't order the personalized version IT WILL NOT BE AUTOGRAPHED.

I know you're going to love showing this off!