Vintage DukesFest 08 Official T PERSONALIZED

  • $35.00
  • Save $25

 I had so many people ask me about this T-shirt at Cooter's Last Stand that I had to put it here on the site.

I would've thought that because it's from 08 that it would be considered old. However, someone in line said and I quote: "Bo, that's not old that's vintage just like you!"

What could I say or do after that?!

So here it is, while supplies last. Medium is the one we have the least of but until Ibget a real count I'm going to say that we have at least 10 of each. 

I will personalize this shirt for whoever you want  make sure to tell me in your order   If there are any special instructions I will assume it's to whoever bought the shirt and I will sign it to them. 


Enjoy your shirt! Wear it in good health and remember to ALLWAYS... KEEP IT 'TWEEN THE DITCHES!