Vintage "DUKESFEST" 08 official AUTOGRAPHED T!

  • $25.00
  • Save $15

 I had so many people ask me about this T-shirt at Cooter's Last Stand that I had to put it here on the site.

I would've thought that because it's from 08 that it would be considered old. However, someone in line said and I quote: "Bo, that's not old that's vintage just like you!"

So here it is while supplies last. Medium is the one we have the least of but until Ibget a real count I'm going to say that we have at least 10 of each. 

All of these shirts will have my autograph on them but if you want one personalized but it will cost a little more. 

Enjoy your shirt! Wear it in good health and remember to ALLWAYS... KEEP IT 'TWEEN THE DITCHES!