Smallville "Cape" Photo Autographed and Personalized

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 This is my favorite moment in my whole history with Smallville. I am the only human being ever to hand Clark Kent the super shoot that made him change looks from the mild-mannered Clark Kent into the Super Hero we have all come to know and love. 

This moment captures the love of a father and son and that moment in time when Young Clark Kent went on to be Superman!

This comes autographed and personalized to whomever you put in the notes section.

Note: if you don’t put a name in the note section I will assume that it should be autographed to the person on the shipping address and I will autograph it to that name. 

Enjoy this most wonderful moment in what I believe is the best part of the Superman legacy. Smallville was an amazing show an amazing experience! 

“Always hold on to Smallville! “

 John Schneider a.k.a. Jonathan Kent