My Two Favorite Episodes in 8x10 Photo

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I am always asked 3 questions:

1 - How many General Lee's we went through (My conservative estimate is 329!)

2 - Did I ever date Daisy (I learned that dating a cast mate was taboo way back in theater so... no)!

3 - Whaat is my favorite episode?

Here's where these two pictures come in! I loved "Carnival of Thrills" because of the great fist fight Tom and I do in it. I felt like I was John Wayne in "Red River" when we did this one! I also love'd "Happy Birthday General Lee" because it answered many of the history questions people always have about the show. I'm also partial to "The Ghost of General Lee" but I couldn't find a picture from that episode.

So here's the deal: Get both of these photos with my autograph on them (not personalized because I'm told they are more valuable that way) for $50 plus shipping!

You pay more that that each for the other great pictures in the store!

I have 100 of these and that is it. When they are gone... they are gone so you better hurry!

Yee Haa!@