JUST REDUCED! John Schneider's “The Odyssey” the journey begins!

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Note: THERE ARE 2 Full CD's in this offer! 20 new songs!

Imagine sitting in your car or living room and another example of "Bro Country" just finished playing. So you are about to turn it off when one of my new songs come on. Anybonebofbthem.

"That's more like it!" You say as you sit back down with your beer.

Yeah... It's kinda like that.

I am more excited about this music than any music ever! what can I say... These are the best 20 songs on the planet and there are 32 more coming by Christmas. .

Why don't you hop in the car with me and give a listen to the first two CD's of the Journey. "Odyssey 01 Beginnings" and "02 Odyssey Wanderlust."

This is your chance to have the first two of a five part collection and I am going to autograph all of these as a way of saying thank you.

Order yours today!

It's not about the destination.. It's about the journey!

So "The Odyssey" 2 CD 20 song package comes 3 ways...

The amazing music all by itself...

The amazing music with the cover autographed...

The amazing music autographed AND personalized to whoever you want it personalized to right there on the cover!

Remember to put the name of the person you want the CD personalized to in the NOTES section. If it doesn't say anything in there and you ordered the personalized version I will make it out to whoever is on the "Ship to" part of the order.


John Schneider