John Schneider's Flood CD - RUFFLED SKIRTS “REBIRTH”

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I LOVE this music. I have sung songs before but this time I actually LIVED them!

It was hreat at first but once we sid “The Odyssey” we decided to bring the masters to Nashville, add a frw of the greatest players in  the world and then have it remixed by Bob Bullock who actually mixed the “Eumors” album on Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s!

Now its nothing short of amazing!

The two floods in 2017 took away everything we had at the studio and we had a choice to either turn tail and run or find a silver lining in there somewhere.

This CD was borne from that tragedy.

If you liked my music in the 80's I think you too will LOVE this record!

The digital downloads from the cd can be purchased from CD Baby

Let me know what you think once you've heard it!