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John Schneider's "Its Now Or Never" on CD

  • $75.00

Lookee lookee what I found! This was my first record for Scotty brothers back in 1980!

NOTE: If you want it personalized and autographed make sure you order the right one (it's more expensive!). If you don't and you want it to be personalized it's not going to happen because I won't ever actually see it. Non autographed CD's get shipped much quicker because Eddie doesn't have to wait for me to come to the store and sign it!

Enjoy! This is really great music and when these CD's are gone I won't be getting any more in stock.

John Schneider

I still have the highest charting Elvis cover of all time with the title track! It made it to number three in billboard and radio and records. I'm very proud of that.  In fact it's cause us to have something brewing in the music world that has a lot to do with the king! That's all I can tell you at this point. 

 I hope you enjoy this blast from my past!