Four to Go (4:Go) on DVD... Finally!

  • $20.00

We had SO MUCH FUN makiIng this movie!

This is the first of a four movie franchise and it will have you laughing, screaming and covering your eyes at the same time!

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is amazing as “Tank” and I guaranty you’ve never seen Dean Cain like this before!

Kerry Kahill from “Walking Dead” is nothing short of  amazing as are Jason Kirkpatrick, Billy Slaughter (perfect name... considering!) Jody Mullins, Eddie Love, Johnny Lee, Mickey Gilley and Don Shanks!

You will see a comedic “dark” side of my sence of humor you never knew exsisted (unless you already saw “Anderson Bench”) and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it  

NOTE: Not  for children under 16!