Dukes “Never Meanin’ No Harm” 40th anniversary T

  • $40.00

My mom used to wear a shirt just like this almost every day. She loved it.

When we first started the Dukes back in 1978 this was our cast and crew shirt minus the 40 year anniversary part of course. 

 If you’d like to show your true Dukes colors you need this shirt! It’s the one thing that has remain the same throughout the entire 40 years of our history! 

Before you go counting stars and saying things like "Wait... there's too many stars." This is a copy of the first shirt we had in 1978 and this is how many stars that shirt had on it. Deal with it.

 Okay... I’m going to start wearing mine as soon as I get back to the studio!

HEY... I had a little bit of time before I left for Nashville so I autographed a few of these great shirts!

PS - These shirts are NOT personalized!

Yee Haa!